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Two Christmas Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your Life.

Two Christmas Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your Life.

A fundamental part of Bread & Grain’s offering is that all the products it stocks are personally tested (i.e. tasted!) by the founders.

This ensures that we can verify:
  • Quality – this should go without saying: a Bean & Grain sticker represents a ‘Quality Mark’
  • Delivery – the product is shipped to us so we can verify that the packaging is fit-for-purpose and the product arrives in pristine condition.
  • Story – the ‘Why?’ is just as important as the ‘What’; what is the provenance of the product, the passion behind it, the reason for it being made in the first place?

In this blog, we take a closer look at some of the products stocked by Bean & Grain and the story behind them.

  1. Sea Salt as an accompaniment, not a condiment… really?

    “Founded in 2017, the Dorset Sea Salt Company is helmed by Jethro, an obsessed sea salt fanatic.

    After reading about the historic and cultural relevance of salt production in Dorset, and visiting the natural salt pans on the east weares of Portland, Jethro pondered how and why this local industry had vanished.

    This idea affected him so immensely that he began to conceptualise, and envisage the revival of Dorset’s local Sea Salt scene.”

    Source: Dorset Sea Salt website

    We tasted a range of the Dorset Sea Salt Company’s products with different breads – it is powerful stuff! Because it contains no additives or anti-caking agents, it is about 1/3rd stronger than normal salt, so you don’t need so much of it.

    There are currently twelve Sea Salts in the collection, which are available individually or in gift sets of three or six. Get them here.

    Having tried them all, I must say that the Celery and Chilli flavours were my own personal favourites.

  2. When is Balsamic Vinegar not Balsamic Vinegar?

    “All of our oils and vinegars come in a range of high-quality Italian glass bottles that would look elegant in any kitchen or dining room or wrapped up as a gift.

    We also sell ½ litre,1 litre and 5 litre refills of all our fabulous oils and vinegars allowing you to reuse our glass bottles, thus helping to preserve the environment.”

    Source: Drury & Alldis website

    When it comes to true traditional balsamic vinegar (TBV), did you know that this can only be produced by two regions in Italy: Modena and Reggio Emilia. This is labelled Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale and carries a D.O.P. (under the European Protected Designation of Origin ‘PDO’ system).

    By contrast, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (BVM) is a cheaper alternative, without PDO protection and offers more flexibility in its flavourings… hence it can be produced in the UK, thus achieving the reduction in carbon footprint sought by Bean & Grain.

    Why not purchase our sample selection available here.

    Don’t knock the Raspberry Vinegar until you’ve tried it – it’s rather special on vanilla ice cream with a few strawberries or it can even be used to make a raspberry vinegar mojito!

We can make up multi-product gift sets and even gift wrap them with your personal message.

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