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Change of name, change of direction.

Change of name, change of direction.

What's all this about then, what happened to Bean & Grain?

The online retail food space is now too competitive for me to operate in with food alone. With the cost of advertising online now more than the net profit on a typical online artisan food shop and household budgets squeezed it's time to diversify and have some fun.

Expect to find books, art, prints, models, antiques even small items of kitchen and homeware. Much of this will be sourced from local businesses or will be relevant to the area we live in, OS Maps of the Chilterns for example, some will be amazing products from further afield. Anything of quality and high value. 

The Bean & Grain brand will continue as a collection of food & beverage goods within the store so some of your favourite foodie products are still available.

Barney was my school nickname, 'Barney Banes', some of you from my distant past, mainly old school friends, may remember it.  Why 'befuddled' well that's because I've no real idea where this will go, I'll stock what sells, ditch what doesn't. Visit often you may be surprised, or confused. 

If you are a producer or maker in the south Bucks region or close by; or have something that is relevant to this area or fits the 'high quality, low volume' messaging give me call I'd love to talk about stocking you or listing you in the directory.

Meanwhile if you're looking for something you previously bought you can find it using the search function at the top of the page or click here to go to the Bean & Grain collection.

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