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Simple Sourdough Sandwich Loaf Recipe

Simple Sourdough Sandwich Loaf Recipe

I get asked often about a simple sourdough recipe. This is my basic sourdough sandwich loaf recipe. A good starting point for those worrying about proving and shaping sourdough, you don't have to.

- 450g Wessex Strong White bread flour
- 100g active sourdough starter
- 280g Warm water (38c into the mix, gives about 66% hydration)
- 6g Dorset Sea Salt

In the mixer for 8 minutes medium speed. Prove at 29c for one hour then roughly shape and into a tin for 30 minutes for final prove. Then spray, dust with flour and slash.

Pop into the oven for 35 minutes at 220c. Add some water in a tray at the bottom of the oven to generate steam if you prefer a softer crust.

Remove and do the tap test to see if it's sounding hollow which is a reasonable test to tell if it's cooked. If not pop back in for 5-10 minutes and adjust your cooking time on the next bake.

Once you've got a nice loaf coming out of the oven you can swap the mixer and loaf tin for shaping by hand to get that rustic looking sourdough loaf.

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