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The amazing Blossoms Syrup!

The amazing Blossoms Syrup!

We're stocking half a dozen popular flavours from Blossoms Syrup; here's what they say about their syrups:

What are syrups made of? Usually, syrups are made by heat reducing fruit and sugar. Blossoms is the only non-heat treated syrups range offering explosive flavours.

The fruit range is made from premium fruit concentrates, inverted sugar (natural sugar from beet and cane) and natural citric acid.

The Elderflower syrup is made from flower water infusion and natural citric acid.

Blossoms syrups have made a big impression on mixologists, bartenders in restaurants, bars and hotels. Being the most natural concentrated syrups, they deliver a real impact to cocktails or when used as a cordial. Our cocktail syrups are so intense that you only need a small amount.

Blossoms syrups aren't just great in drinks; they are also fabulous drizzled on waffles, fruit salad, pancakes, ice cream, pavlova, meringues, yoghurt, porridge, rice pudding, smoothies, milkshakes etc.

As a cordial, you only need to use a third of the usual amount. We love the syrups added to soda water or ice tea too.

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