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by Lucy

By Lucy

My name is Lucy and I started my small drinks company in the summer of 2019, ‘By Lucy’.

I chose the name ‘By Lucy’ because I wanted to create not just a single product, but a brand. A brand which closes no doors and can be built on for years to come, creating new drink flavours and encompassing other ideas, products and experiences.
My love of nature and the outdoors

I love nature and the outdoors. I spend many hours tending to my garden and exploring the countryside around me, ever amazed at the delights nature sends our way throughout the different seasons. This passion stems from a childhood spent outdoors and it is my mother who first introduced me to Elderflowers and cordial making as a young girl.

Elderflowers can be seen across the British countryside, flowering from the end of May till the middle of June, often occupying hedgerows and roadsides, favouring moist soils and sunny locations. Elderflower is not a crop that can be organised and manicured, there is a feral element about the way it grows and it is this quirkiness that attracts me towards them even more! It forces you to explore the countryside, foraging high and low for the distinct flower heads comprising of many delicate creamy-white petals. It is these flowers that give Elderflower cordial its unique taste.
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