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Chocolate Tree

Chocolate Tree

“Food of the Gods, brought down to Earth.”

We create award winning craft chocolate. Our mission is to protect biodiversity and reward farmers with a high price for their cacao. We purchase organic agro-forested cacao from farms in South and Central America, taking a down to earth but perfectionist approach to our chocolate making. We work both from cacao beans and from cacao liquor to create two different ranges of premium organic craft chocolate bars. Our range includes some single estate origin bars alongside some fun and nutritious bars with inclusions and alternatives to dairy and cane sugar.

Where we Source our Cacao

Everything we use in our factory is sourced with consideration for how it is produced, where it comes from, and if it is really needed in the first place. Our delicious chocolate is only made with simple and pure ingredients. Our packaging is biodegradable or from other sustainable and recyclable sources.

Alastair & Friederike Gower


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